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Nathaniel Read
Nathaniel Read Nathaniel Read's blog Nathaniel Read's blog feed Nathaniel Read's GitHub account Software Engineer
The HullCSS team
The HullCSS team The HullCSS team's blog The HullCSS team's blog feed The HullCSS team's GitHub account We're HullCSS, the Computer Science Society at the Univsersity of Hull. You can join our discord @
Awen Hughes
Awen Hughes Awen Hughes's blog Awen Hughes's blog feed Awen Hughes's GitHub account
Eirika Doe
Eirika Doe Eirika Doe's blog Eirika Doe's blog feed Eirika Doe's GitHub account Beginner Coder, learning from w3schools and sometimes doing blog posts
Rowan Clark
Rowan Clark Rowan Clark's blog Rowan Clark's blog feed Rowan Clark's GitHub account Hi, I'm Crimson, a DevOps Engineer at VISR Dynamics and System Administrator at Freeside
Kieran Robson
Kieran Robson Kieran Robson's blog Kieran Robson's blog feed Kieran Robson's GitHub account PhD Student @UniOfStrathclyde Contributor for @awesome-selfhosted Contributor for @remoteintech
David Parker
David Parker David Parker's blog David Parker's blog feed David Parker's GitHub account
Sara Payne
Sara Payne Sara Payne's blog Sara Payne's blog feed Sara Payne's GitHub account Sara Payne's GitHub account I am Ms. S Payne, a computer science teacher with qualified teacher status and a BSc degree in computer science (first class honours). C#, Python and others
George Kokinis
George Kokinis George Kokinis's blog George Kokinis's blog feed George Kokinis's GitHub account Junior Software Engineer @ Access Group. Hull Graduate. Passion for Sysadmin. Former admin @FreesideHull.